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Personalized Facial

Refresh and revitalize your face and neck area with a customized skin care treatment designed just for you! The precision layering of three different masks both stimulates and accelerates your skins exfoliation process.  Premium ingredients by Reme Laure leave you skin feeling clean and pure. Sharon also incorporates lymphatic massage techniques, which improves skin tone, reduces puffiness and boosts circulation, giving your skin a wonderful glow. You will also notice an immediate difference in your skin’s firmness and texture. This treatment includes eyebrow shaping and light threading for silky smooth skin.  Microdermabrasion can be added at no extra charge (if necessary). This is also a wonderful treatment for people who suffer from sinus problems or migraines. As part of this full scale pampering treatment, you also receive a 20 minute neck, shoulder and arm massage.  This is truly an experience you’ll never forget!

60 minutes – $97

90 minutes – $129

Eyelash Services

Our eyelash extensions will give you bold, beautiful eyes perfect for every occasion – from a day at the beach to a glamorous night out on the town! You’ll enjoy longer, fuller and completely natural-looking lashes that don’t require any makeup.

Full Set (approximately 2 hours)

  • Classic Style – $180
  • Hybrid – $220
  • Volume – $240

Refills/Touch Ups

  • 2-3 weeks – $80
  • 4-5 weeks – $100


  • Lashes applied by Sharon – no charge
  • Lashes done elsewhere – $35

Chinese Massage

Feel tense muscles instantly relax as Sharon uses a combination of different massage techniques to enhance relaxation and stimulate the healing process within the body. A distinctive blend of Swedish, deep tissue and acupressure methods focus on trouble spots around the body. You will feel renewed and energized by the end.

Cupping available upon request (please specify when booking appointment)

60 minutes – $80

75 minutes – $90

90 minutes – $110

Home Style Chinese Massage

A unique massage that uses a poultice to enhance the treatment through the use of heat and a special herb blend that promotes circulation, eliminates toxins and boosts vitality.

Can be included with any massage over 60 minutes by request (please specify when booking appointment)

15 minutes (stand-alone treatment) – $45

Gua Sha

Gua sha is a natural, ancient Chinese healing technique that involves scraping your skin with a massage tool to move energy around your body. Toxins are brought to the surface of the skin and released from the body. This treatment strengthens your immue system, reduces inflamation and helps eliminate migraine symptoms. Try it with a massage or do a full body treatment.

Want to try gua sha? First timers can book a 30 minute massage and 30 minute gua sha session (60 minutes total) – $80

Full body gua sha session (60 minutes) – $120


Cupping is a simple treatment that can significantly improve your health. This ancient method treats stagnant blood and poor energy flow throughout the body. The use of cups increases blood flow, relives muscle tension, improves circulation, and reduces inflammation. This is an ideal treatment if you suffer from chronic back pain and join conditions. Cupping is also very effective for pain relief, especially when it comes to headaches, migraines, and menstrual cramps.

30 minute massage and 30 minute cupping session (60 minutes total) – $60

Hormone Balancing Massage Treatment (women only)

A specialized abdominal massage treatment that assists women with balancing hormones, combating post-menopausal symptoms (including hot flashes, headaches, bloating, mood swings), decreasing menstrual pain, and maintaining optimal ovarian health. Renewed energy fills the body and enhances overall health and beauty. This specialty massage is designed specifically to help women achieve harmony and balance – physically, spiritually and emotionally.

60 minutes (stand-alone treatment) – $145

Migraine Treatment

Find release from the chronic pain caused by migraines.  Sharon focuses on specific energy points which relieves discomfort, leaving you feeling relaxed and centered.

Can be included with any massage over 60 minutes by request (please specify when booking appointment)

20 minutes – $30

Packages Available for Purchase

Four full 60 minute Chines massages – a $320 value now only $300
Four full 75 minute Chimes massages – a $360 value now only $320
Four full 90 minute Chines massages – an $440 value now only $400
Four full 60 minute Hormone Balancing massages – a $580 value now only $520

Special Birthday Pricing – 25% off any of the below services:

90 minute facial – $96.75 (normally $129)

60 minute facial – $72.75 (normally $97)

60 minute massage – $60 (normally $80)

60 minute Hormone Balancing massage – $108.75